Tips for a healthy lifestyle

At Herrington Medical Centre we recommend you and your family follow a healthy lifestyle, and have produced a series of aids to help you achieve this:

Ageing healthily

Alcohol and Sensible Drinking

The Battle of the bulge June2015

Eat to beat cancer

Heartburn the organic way

Low GI diet

Mediterranean Diet

Fast diet

traffic light diet for obese children great ormond street

Preventing Heart attacks June2015

you can obtain further information and useful leaflets from







Boost your health – top 50 foods for brain, heart and joints Times foods for health

Menopause – You’re Not Alone – Wellbeing Info

The Menopause Manual – Menopause Doctor Get the recently published Haynes Manual on Menopause – a definitive guide to help women, their partners and families cut through the plethora of misinformation and take a straightforward look at menopause. Written by renowned menopause specialist, Dr Louise Newson, to empower women and help them make informed choices about how to have the best …


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