GP Data for Planning and Research

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NHS Digital has been directed to collect, process, analyse and disseminate general practice data to support the purposes set out in the GP Data for Planning and Research Direction 2021.

NHS Digital has developed a planned replacement for the GP Extraction Service (GPES), to collect data for planning and research from general practices in England. This new approach is the culmination of engagement with the British Medical Association (BMA ), the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) and the National Data Guardian (NDG) for the past three years.

This collection is called GP Data for Planning and Research and its purpose is to support the data needs of the health and social care system including policy development, public health, planning and commissioning of services and research. This new collection is designed to reduce the number of requests for access to data received by general practice.

Once fully established, NHS Digital will undertake a managed transition from the General Practice Extraction Service (GPES) to the new GP data service. NHS Digital will also work with other organisations to enable transition from existing data flows to the new service.

More information about this data collection and the general practice obligation to provide data for this purpose is contained in the Provision Notice issued by NHS Digital to GP practices. The Data Provision Notice includes appendices which explain data minimisation, additional protections, pseudonymisation and the data set specification.  

More information on the legal basis for collecting, analysing and disseminating this data can also be found in the NHS Digital GP Data transparency pages.

EMIS is supporting the GP Data for Planning and Research collection including ensuring identifiable patient data items are de-identified (pseudonymised at source) before they leave the GP practice.

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